Welcome to the Nelson Farms Training Institute at Morrisville State College 20-C Food Processing Education Course!

This course will take you through six chapters, comprised of a number of lessons. Be sure to click the Complete button on the bottom of each page before proceeding to the next lesson.

At the end of each chapter will be a 10-question quiz designed to evaluate your knowledge on the lessons of that chapter. Each quiz is multiple choice and is not timed. You must get at least an 80% on each quiz in order to pass the course. You will have (3) attempts to pass each quiz.

You do not need to complete this course in one session. You may come back as many times necessary to complete the course. However, you have 10 weeks, from time of registration, to complete it.

We highly recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers to complete this course.

Click the Complete button below to get started. Happy learning!